General Information


We utilize radiographs to help diagnose your pet’s problems. Films are developed within minutes and permanently labeled.


We perform many laboratory tests in-house including those necessary before procedures requiring anesthesia. Often, we send specimens to outside laboratories for additional, more comprehensive testing. This combination ensures the best success in keeping your pet healthy and diagnosing and treating any of your pets problems.

If your pet is coming in for a lab test, please check with our staff prior to your visit for special instructions regarding food, water and medications. (These factors could influence the outcome of certain tests).


Anesthesia is frequently required for diagnostic, surgical, dental or other procedures where immobilization or pain control is beneficial. Withholding all solid food after 8:00 PM the night before the procedure is important because anesthesia can occasionally cause reactions. Please inform us if your pet has eaten or taken medication after this time. We recommend water available through the night.